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Water Cooled Spindle Motor Kit with High Speed and 3 Bearings for CNC Router Milling - 2.2KW 3KW ER20 Collet

Water Cooled Spindle Motor Kit with High Speed and 3 Bearings for CNC Router Milling - 2.2KW 3KW ER20 Collet

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Introducing our high-speed milling machine - designed to meet the needs of any machine workshop, this machine brings the perfect combination of high speed, low power consumption, and long service life into a single, stable and reliable device. With a construction made of robust high-speed steel material, it offers improved impact resistance, making it an excellent choice for those who require precision and speed in their machining operations.

This water-cooled machine comes with a flexible operating speed range of 8000-24000 R/min, which ensures that it can handle any milling operation and produce high-quality output with ease. The device's CE certification proves its compliance with all quality and safety standards, while its ER20 collet size and 3 bearings design offer optimal functionality for your milling activities.

Our high-speed milling machine consumes less power, with nominal rated input voltage levels of 220V, giving you cost-effective and efficient use. It runs on a motor drive, offering a power range of 2.2KW or 3.0KW, with a current rate of 8A or 12.6A to efficiently power your milling tasks. With an impressive runout off of less than 0.005 mm, you can expect high-quality milling for all your machined parts.

Investing in this high-speed milling machine will enable you to produce highly accurate, high-quality, and aesthetically pleasing machined parts suitable for any industry. Our team of professionals has designed it to match your specific machining needs, so you can trust that it will deliver its promise of efficiency, speed, and reliability. Order now and take your milling activities to the next level.

  • Operating Speed: 8000-24000 R/min
  • Application: Milling
  • Drive: Motor
  • Certification: CE
  • Voltage: 220V~250V
  • Frequency: 400 Hz
  • Speed: 8000-24000 R/min
  • Runout off: less than 0.005 mm
  • Power: 2.2 KW, 3.0 KW
  • Type: Water Cooling
  • Current: 8A, 12.6A
  • Collet Size: ER20
  • Bearings: 3 bearings
  • Nominal Rated Input Voltage: 220V
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