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Solar Panel, SP100WPLUS, 100W, 18V, 5A, Foldable, Portable, Black

Solar Panel, SP100WPLUS, 100W, 18V, 5A, Foldable, Portable, Black

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Introducing our efficient and reliable solar panel - the SP100WPLUS! With its monocrystalline silicon material, this panel offers exceptional performance and durability. Measuring at 1210*595mm*30mm, it provides a substantial surface area for harnessing solar energy.

Boasting a nominal capacity of 100W, this foldable solar panel is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you're camping, hiking, or simply on-the-go, this portable panel ensures that you never run out of power. Its compact design makes it easy to carry and set up, allowing you to charge your devices anytime, anywhere.

Equipped with two panels, this solar system maximizes sunlight absorption for optimal energy conversion. The USB and DC outputs offer versatility, enabling you to charge a multitude of devices including mobile phones, tablets, notebook computers, and even small household appliances. Additionally, it is compatible with power banks, small storage batteries, and lithium batteries.

The SP100WPLUS features an interface that includes USB-A and USB-QC outputs, as well as a DC output. The USB-A output provides 5V 2.0A of power, while the USB-QC output offers a wide range of voltages from 5V to 20V with a maximum current of 3.0A. The DC output provides a steady 18V with a 5.5X2.1mm connector and 5A current.

  • Module Efficien: 24%
  • Number of Cells: 0
  • Size: 1210*595mm*30mm
  • Material: Monocrystalline Silicon
  • Model Number: SP100WPLUS
  • Nominal Capacity: 100W
  • Foldable Solar Panel: Yes
  • Flexible Solar Panel: No
  • Number of Panels: 2
  • Type: Solar Cells
  • DC voltage: 18V
  • USB voltage: 5V
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