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Portable Dual Zone Fridge Freezer 60L/50L/36L with Wheels and Draw Bar

Portable Dual Zone Fridge Freezer 60L/50L/36L with Wheels and Draw Bar

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Introducing our highly portable and durable refrigerator, perfect for indoor and outdoor camping adventures. Made with high-quality ABS material, it boasts a long service life that will allow you to enjoy its features for a long time. Available in 36L, 50L, and 60L capacities, this portable fridge is designed to cater to all your camping needs.

The cooling range of this fridge is impressive, reaching about -20℃ to 20℃/-4℉- 68℉. The wattage is 45W/60W and voltage of 12/24V DC, 100-240 AC. It is equipped with a dual-zone feature, LED display, and a control panel to adjust temperature levels according to your preferences. The sound produced by the fridge is 45dB or less, ensuring a quiet and peaceful camping experience.

The outer shell of the fridge is made of ABS plastic, a durable and rugged material that guarantees the longevity of the fridge. The grey and black color scheme suits any camping style and blends well with the surroundings. Designed using compressor technology, this product is one of the most efficient portable cool boxes available in the market, making it a perfect choice for long camping trips.

In conclusion, if you are in search of a reliable and efficient portable fridge for your camping trip, look no further. This product is perfect for all your outdoor adventures, with its cool features and large capacity. Purchase now and experience the convenience of a portable refrigerator at your fingertips.

  • Certification: CE
  • Item Type: Refrigerators
  • Capacity: 36L 50L 60L
  • Cooling Range: about -20℃ - 20℃/-4℉- 68℉
  • Wattage: 45W/60W
  • Voltage: 12/24V DC, 100-240 AC
  • Sound: ≤45dB
  • Material of the Outer Shell: ABS Plastic
  • Color: Grey + Black
  • Features: Portable,LED Display,Dual Zone,Control Panel
  • Suitable For: Indoor/Outdoor Camping
  • Technology: Compressor
  • Product Type: Portable Cool Box
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