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Portable Car Refrigerator Freezer, 50L 12V/24V DC & 110-240 AC

Portable Car Refrigerator Freezer, 50L 12V/24V DC & 110-240 AC

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This mini car refrigerator is a perfect solution for keeping your beverages, snacks, and food items chilled and fresh while you're on the go. With a capacity ranging from 30L to 50L, you can choose one that suits your needs and preferences. The powerful 60W compressor allows for a cooling range of -20℃ to 20℃, ensuring that your items stay cool even in extreme temperatures.

The cordless design of this refrigerator makes it easily portable, and it saves room space. You can carry it around wherever you go, whether you're travelling, camping, or simply heading out for a day trip. The noise level is kept below 45dB, ensuring that it won't disturb you while you're in a quiet environment.

One of the key features of this mini car refrigerator is its powerful suction cup, which allows you to mount it on refrigerators, walls, and other smooth surfaces in your kitchen or garage. This makes it a great addition to your home, as you can use it to decorate your kitchen or keep your garage organized. The suction cup is strong and reliable, ensuring that the refrigerator stays in place and doesn't fall off.

With certifications like CE and a power consumption of just 0.2kw.h/24h, this mini car refrigerator is both efficient and safe to use. It can run on either 12/24V(DC) or 110-240V(AC) power, making it versatile and convenient to use.

In conclusion, this mini car refrigerator is a great investment for anyone who wants to keep their beverages and food items chilled and fresh while on the go. With its cordless design, powerful suction cup, efficient power consumption, and versatile power options, it's a must-have for anyone who loves to travel, camp, or simply enjoys a cool drink or snack during the day.

  • Volume: >20L
  • Certification: CE
  • Item Type: Refrigerators
  • Capacity: 50L/53 Quart, 40L/42 Quart, 30L/32 Quarts
  • Power: 60W
  • Cooling Range: -20℃ - 20℃ / -4℉- 68℉
  • Voltage: 12/24V(DC), 110-240V(AC)
  • Power Consumption: 0.2kw.h/24h
  • Noise Level: <45dB
  • Type: Mini Car Refrigerator
  • Feature: Car Accessories
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