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Motorcycle Wheel Balancer with 14mm Thread Rod and Lead Blocks Set

Motorcycle Wheel Balancer with 14mm Thread Rod and Lead Blocks Set

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Looking for a durable and reliable tire balancer for your bike? Look no further than our high-quality steel tire balancer! This top-of-the-line product is built to last, offering a long service life that can keep up with even the most avid cyclists. Made from top-quality materials, our bike balancer is a must-have tool for any serious rider.

Not only is our tire balancer made from the best materials, but it's also incredibly easy to use and carry. With its easy-to-install design, you can have the balancer up and running in just minutes, and its simple and straightforward design makes it a breeze to take apart and store when not in use. Lightweight and compact, our bike balancer is the perfect accessory for taking with you on long rides or keeping in your garage for quick and easy maintenance.

And with a wide range of applicability, our bike balancer adapter can be used for a variety of motorcycle models, including mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX bikes, and more. No matter what type of bike you have, our tire balancer adapter is sure to provide the accurate and precise balance you need to keep your ride operating smoothly and safely.

So if you're looking for a top-quality tire balancer that is both durable and easy to use, look no further than our high-quality steel bike balancer. With its long service life, ease of use, and wide range of applicability, it's the perfect tool for any serious cyclist. Don't wait - order yours today and keep your ride running at its best!

  • Screw Shaft Diameter: 14 mm
  • Mounting Hole Size: 0.6"/16 mm
  • Balance Accuracy: Less than 2g
  • Applicable Range: 8"-22"
  • Radial Positioning: 20 mm
  • Section Positioning: 36 mm
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