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Metal Detector, Q20, Professional High Sensitivity, No Battery, Multicolor

Metal Detector, Q20, Professional High Sensitivity, No Battery, Multicolor

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The "dive Q20" is a specialized handheld metal detector designed for underwater applications, specifically catering to scuba divers and underwater enthusiasts. Its model number, "dive Q20," suggests its primary purpose in underwater metal detection tasks. One of its key features is its waterproof performance, which is essential for underwater use. This water-resistant design ensures that the device remains operational and effective while submerged in water, making it a valuable tool for underwater exploration and recovery missions.

The device employs a pointer pinpointing method for metal detection, allowing users to precisely locate and identify metal objects underwater. It provides both audio and vibration alarms when metal is detected, enhancing the detection process and making it suitable for various underwater scenarios, including locating lost items, surveying submerged areas, or conducting underwater research.

While designed primarily for underwater metal detection, the "dive Q20" offers versatility and can also be used for land-based metal detection tasks. This flexibility makes it a practical tool for individuals who require metal detection capabilities both above and below the water's surface, expanding its utility beyond scuba diving.

  • Model Number: dive Q20
  • Smart home platform: Other
  • Alarm: Audio and vibrate at the same time
  • models: Pointer Pinpointing
  • Waterproof performance: Water-resistant Design
  • The main purpose: Hand Held Metal Detector
  • TYPE: scuba Metal Detector

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