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Linear Actuator, 12V, 30W, 100mm, 140Kg, 10mm/s, Aluminum, White

Linear Actuator, 12V, 30W, 100mm, 140Kg, 10mm/s, Aluminum, White

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The 12V 30W 100mm Linear Actuator is a versatile and powerful component used in various applications, from automation systems to DIY projects. With a maximum load capacity of 140kg, this actuator provides robust and reliable linear motion, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks. Its compact 100mm length allows for efficient space utilization, and the actuator operates at a speed of 10mm per second, ensuring swift and precise movement. Constructed with durable aluminum, it boasts excellent corrosion resistance and long-term performance. The actuator is finished in a sleek white color, adding a clean and modern aesthetic to any setup.

Whether you're designing an automated door system, a lifting mechanism, or any application that requires controlled linear movement, the 12V 30W 100mm Linear Actuator is a dependable choice. Its high load capacity, rapid speed, and robust aluminum construction make it suitable for a wide range of industrial and DIY projects. This actuator is designed to provide reliable performance and durability, ensuring that your applications run smoothly and efficiently.


  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Power: 30 watts
  • Stroke Length: 100mm (4 inches)
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 140kg (308 pounds)
  • Speed: 10mm per second (0.39 inches per second)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: White
  • Usage: Suitable for a wide range of applications, including automation, robotics, machinery, and DIY projects.
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