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Grass Trimmer, 1850W, 12000rpm, 115cm, with Charger, One Battery, Green

Grass Trimmer, 1850W, 12000rpm, 115cm, with Charger, One Battery, Green

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The Grass Trimmer in striking green is a powerhouse garden tool that's perfect for maintaining a pristine and well-manicured outdoor space. With its robust 1850W motor, this trimmer is designed to effortlessly tackle overgrown grass, weeds, and unruly vegetation with precision and efficiency. Operating at a high-speed rotation of 12,000 RPM, it ensures a clean and uniform cut, leaving your lawn looking pristine. Its impressive 115cm (45 inches) length provides extended reach, allowing you to access tight corners and tricky spots in your garden. The convenience of having one rechargeable battery and a charger included means you can enjoy cordless freedom while getting the job done. Whether you're a homeowner looking to keep your yard in top shape or a professional landscaper in need of a reliable tool, this Grass Trimmer is up to the task. Its vibrant green color not only adds a splash of color to your outdoor equipment but also signifies its eco-friendly electric power source.

Versatile and easy to use, this Grass Trimmer is an indispensable companion for garden enthusiasts and professionals alike. Its power, speed, and reach make quick work of lawn maintenance, while the cordless operation ensures hassle-free mobility. Safety features such as guards and ergonomic handles prioritize user protection during operation. Maintenance and cleaning are straightforward, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability. With the Grass Trimmer in your arsenal, you'll have the means to keep your garden looking pristine, no matter the season, and enjoy the convenience of a well-kept outdoor space.


  • Power: 1850W
  • Rotation Speed: 12,000 RPM (revolutions per minute)
  • Cutting Length: 115cm (45 inches)
  • Color: Green
  • Usage: Ideal for trimming grass, weeds, and overgrown vegetation in gardens, lawns, and outdoor spaces
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Included Accessories: Charger and one rechargeable battery for cordless operation
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