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Car Multimedia Player, Wondefoo, CBL-8G128G AG4G--A, Android 11, GPS, Screen, Black

Car Multimedia Player, Wondefoo, CBL-8G128G AG4G--A, Android 11, GPS, Screen, Black

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Transform your driving experience into a cutting-edge journey with the Wondefoo Car Multimedia Player. Running on the power of Android 11, this multimedia player seamlessly combines entertainment and practicality, creating an immersive environment within your vehicle. Get ready to explore new horizons with its advanced GPS system, all while enjoying a high-definition screen that brings your dashboard to life.

The model CBL-8G128G AG4G--A embodies modernity in a sleek black design, integrating seamlessly with your car's interior. Navigating through urban jungles or open roads becomes a breeze as the advanced GPS keeps you precisely on track. Meanwhile, the high-definition screen ensures that your entertainment and navigation visuals are crisp and vibrant.


  • Brand: Wondefoo
  • Model: CBL-8G128G AG4G--A
  • Type: Car Multimedia Player
  • Operating System: Android 11
  • GPS: Advanced GPS navigation system for accurate location tracking
  • Screen: High-definition display for immersive visual experience
  • Storage: 128GB internal storage for apps, media, and data
  • Color: Black
  • Functionality: Entertainment, navigation, app compatibility
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, auxiliary inputs
  • Interface: Touchscreen controls for easy navigation
  • Compatibility: Compatible with various multimedia formats and apps
  • Audio Output: High-quality audio output for enhanced listening experience
  • Installation: Designed for easy installation in standard car consoles
  • User Interface: Intuitive interface for user-friendly interactions
  • Control: Touchscreen and physical controls for convenience while driving
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