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"Electric Sharpeners Taidea for Home & Garden, High Quality and Cheap - TG2102" (49 characters)

"Electric Sharpeners Taidea for Home & Garden, High Quality and Cheap - TG2102" (49 characters)

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Introducing our brand new knife sharpener that is sure to keep your knives in tip-top shape! Our sharpener has been certified with CE and LFGB which ensures not only quality but also your safety in using it.

Our knife sharpener has a feature that is both practical and convenient - it is disposable. This prevents you from using the same sharpener over and over again, which not only results in an unhygienic tool but also leads to substandard results. But don't worry! It is eco-friendly, so you can use it multiple times before throwing it away.

Our model is TG2102 which promises efficiency in sharpening with its carbon steel material. This type of metal is known for its toughness and durability, which are important factors in a sharpener.

Our sharpener is not only suitable for metal knives but also for ceramic knives. Furthermore, it has a grinding angle of 20 degrees that ensures a smooth yet efficient sharpening process. An angle guide function is also included, which makes it easier for you to find the perfect angle for your knives. Additionally, the debris collection function ensures that your work area stays clean and tidy.

We also offer multiple grit choices for the coarse grinding (360 grit), fine grinding (600 grit), and precision grinding (1000 grit). This means that you can choose the appropriate grit to sharpen your knives with depending on the level of dullness.

Our sharpener is also equipped with a polishing function to give your knives a perfect finishing touch. It is powered by an 18W motor that ensures speed and effectiveness.

Say goodbye to dull knives and hello to perfectly sharpened ones with our new knife sharpener. Get yours now and experience the convenience, quality, and safety that our product offers.

  • Material: Other
  • Certification: CE / EU,LFGB
  • Feature: Disposable,Eco-Friendly,Stocked
  • Model Number: TG2102
  • Metal Type: Carbon Steel
  • Type: Sharpeners
  • Grinding Angle: 20 degree
  • Angle Guide Function: yes
  • Debris Collection Function: yes
  • Suitable: metal and ceramic knives
  • Coarse Grinding: 360 Grit
  • Fine Grinding: 600 Grit
  • Precision Grinding: 1000 Grit
  • Polishing: yes
  • Power: 18 w
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