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Electric Commercial Meat Slicer Machine, 8 Inch Blade, Home Kitchen Meat Cutter

Electric Commercial Meat Slicer Machine, 8 Inch Blade, Home Kitchen Meat Cutter

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Looking for an electric food slicer that can handle all your slicing needs? Look no further than this high-quality stainless steel slicer! Built to last with durability in mind, this slicer is the perfect addition to any home kitchen or restaurant.

But this slicer isn't just for meats! With the ability to slice cheese, fish, vegetables, and more, it's a versatile tool that can help you tackle all sorts of kitchen tasks. And with a safety lock that prevents the blade from being damaged during use, you can rest easy knowing you're using a product that prioritizes your safety.

Whether you're prepping for a big family meal or running a busy restaurant, this slicer can help you get the job done. With an output power of 120W and a rotation speed of 1200RPM, it can slice up to 30 pieces per minute. And with adjustable slice thickness from 0-0.47 inches (0-12mm), you'll be able to customize each slice to your exact specifications.

Measuring 18.9 x 16.9 x 13.8 inches (48 x 43 x 35cm) and weighing 28.7 lbs (13kg), this slicer is big enough to handle even the toughest slicing jobs, while still being easy to move around your kitchen as needed. Whether you're slicing meat for sandwiches or vegetables for stir-fry, this electric food slicer will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

So why wait? Treat yourself to the convenience and quality of this electric food slicer today, and start enjoying delicious, perfectly sliced foods in no time!

  • Certification: CE
  • Model: JK-220A
  • Body Material: Cast Aluminum
  • Blade Material: Chromium-plated Steel
  • Blade Diameter: 8 inch / 20.3 cm
  • Input Power: 240W
  • Output Power: 120W
  • Rotation Speed: 1200RPM
  • Slice Yield: 30 pcs/min
  • Slice Thickness: 0-0.47 inch / 0-12 mm
  • Product Dimensions: 18.9 x 16.9 x 13.8 inch / 48 x 43 x 35 cm
  • Product Weight: 28.7 lbs / 13 kg
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