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Diesel Car Heater LCD Silencer Fast Heating, 5KW, 12V

Diesel Car Heater LCD Silencer Fast Heating, 5KW, 12V

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Looking for a powerful and reliable way to stay warm in your vehicle or indoor space? Look no further than our 5KW Car Diesel Heater! Crafted from high-quality aluminum and plastic, this air duct is built to be both strong and durable, so you can enjoy its warmth for years to come.

But this heater isn't just practical – it's also stylish and elegant, with a design that's sure to complement any décor. Whether you're using it in your car, RV, bus, van, truck, boat, or other vehicle, it's an eye-catching addition that will highlight your unique style.

Of course, functionality is just as important as aesthetics, which is why this diesel heater is packed with features that make it a top performer. With a powerful 5000W output and a tank capacity of 10L, it's able to generate heat for hours on end, so you can stay comfortable no matter how cold it gets outside.

And with its CE certification and fuel consumption rate of 0.18-0.48 (L/H), you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you're using a safe, efficient, and eco-friendly heater that won't break the bank. Plus, it can operate in temperatures as low as -40℃, making it ideal for use in even the coldest winter climates.

So why settle for a subpar heating solution when you can have the best? Whether you're using it at home, in the warehouse, or in the office, our 5KW Car Diesel Heater is the perfect choice for anyone who values comfort, reliability, and style. Order yours today and experience the difference for yourself!

  • Power: 5000W
  • Switch Type: LCD Switch
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Item Type: Heating & Fans
  • Certification: CE
  • Fuel Consumption: 0.18-0.48 (L/H)
  • Working Temperature: -40℃~+50℃
  • Tank Capacity: 10L
  • Type: 5KW Car Diesel Heater
  • Applied for cab heating of various diesel vehicles: Such as cars, RVs, buses, vans, trucks, boats, etc.
  • Also suitable for: Home, warehouse, factory, office, and other indoor use.
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