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Arm set for injection exercise, plastic, height adjustable, length 60 cm

Arm set for injection exercise, plastic, height adjustable, length 60 cm

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The Arm Set for Injection Exercise is a versatile and practical medical training tool designed to enhance the skills and confidence of healthcare professionals, particularly those involved in administering injections. Crafted from durable plastic, this arm set provides a lifelike simulation experience for practicing injection techniques. Its key feature is the adjustable height, which allows users to set the arm at their desired level, simulating various patient positions and ensuring realistic training scenarios. With a length of 60 cm, it offers ample surface area for repeated practice and refinement of injection skills.

The arm set's realistic texture and anatomical details make it an excellent training aid for both novice and experienced healthcare practitioners. It enables trainees to practice accurate needle placement, correct injection angles, and proper handling of syringes and needles, ultimately leading to improved patient care. Whether in a medical training facility or a classroom setting, this height-adjustable plastic arm set is an indispensable tool for medical education, ensuring that healthcare professionals can develop and maintain the proficiency needed to deliver safe and effective injections in real clinical settings.


  • Material: High-quality plastic
  • Length: 60 cm (approximately 23.6 inches)
  • Height Adjustability: Yes
  • Realistic Anatomy: Accurately mimics the human arm's size and structure
  • Suitable for: Medical students, nurses, healthcare professionals, and anyone seeking injection technique practice
  • Durability: Designed for long-lasting use in clinical training settings
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