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Split Charge Relay Kit, 12V, 140AMP, 5M battery cable, Nylon, Red

Split Charge Relay Kit, 12V, 140AMP, 5M battery cable, Nylon, Red

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Introducing the 12V Split Charge Relay Kit, a robust solution for efficiently managing dual battery systems in vehicles and marine setups. With a high-performance 140Amp relay, this kit ensures seamless power distribution between the primary and auxiliary batteries, optimizing charging without risk of overloading. The included 5-meter battery cable offers ample length for flexible installation, while its durable nylon construction guarantees longevity and protection against wear and tear. The vibrant red color not only adds a dash of style but also enhances visibility for easy identification amidst wiring setups. Upgrade your electrical system with the 12V Split Charge Relay Kit, ensuring reliable power distribution and optimal battery management wherever your adventures take you.


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 140Amp relay for efficient power distribution between batteries
  • Cable Length: Includes a generous 5-meter battery cable for versatile installation options
  • Material: Constructed from durable nylon for long-lasting performance and protection against environmental factors
  • Color: Vibrant red for easy identification and added aesthetic appeal
  • Application: Suitable for vehicles, boats, and other setups requiring dual battery systems, ensuring reliable power management and charging capabilities.
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