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Vinyl cutter with floor stand, adjustable force and speed, adjustable, black

Vinyl cutter with floor stand, adjustable force and speed, adjustable, black

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Introducing our 28-34 Inch Vinyl Plotter, the ultimate solution for all your cutting needs! With its slim design and lightweight construction, this cutter can be easily moved anywhere, saving you precious space without compromising on performance. It is ideal for any small business or home office, and it is designed to make your cutting tasks simple and efficient.

Our vinyl plotter boasts a cutting width of 630mm or 780mm, and is equipped with a stepper motor that generates the required cutting pressure of 10-500g. It can handle a wide variety of materials, including vinyl, paper, cardstock, and more. The cutting speed of 10-800mm per second and repetition accuracy of 0.0004 inches ensure precise and clean cuts every time.

The vinyl plotter is bundled with the user-friendly Signmaster software, compatibility with DM/PL, HP/GL languages, and a 2MB cache capacity, making it easy to set up and use. The interface is also simple and straightforward, thanks to its USB connectivity. It also comes with interchangeable blade types that include Standard, Roland Compatible, and 2mm diameter.

The paper feed width of 720mm or 870mm provides you with an opportunity to explore different cutting designs. The manual positioning allows you to adjust the plotter's position to obtain the best results for your project, adding flexibility to the already powerful features. It is also available in different voltages, including 110V for the US and 220V for EU, RU, UK, and AU.

In summary, our vinyl plotter is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to create unique and creative designs. It is a compact, lightweight, and powerful cutter that delivers accurate and clean cuts on a wide variety of materials. Order yours today and watch your creative ideas take shape!

  • Model Number: 28-34 Inch Vinyl Plotter
  • Cutter Pressure: 10-500g
  • Cache Capacity: 2 MB
  • Cutting Width: 630 mm (24.8 inch)/780 mm (30.7 inch)
  • Motor Type: Stepper motor
  • Paper Feed Width: 720mm (28.3 inch) or 870 mm (34.3)
  • Language: DM/PL, HP/GL
  • Softare: Signmaster
  • Cutting Speed: 10-800 mm per second
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Voltage: 110V(US)/220V(EU/RU/UK/AU)
  • Blade Types: Standard, Roland Compatible, 2mm Diameter
  • Positioning: Manual
  • Repetition Accuracy: 0.0004 Inch (0.01 mm)
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