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Triple Bag Air Jack for Fast Lifting Cars and SUVs - 3 Ton/6600 lbs, 40CM Handle

Triple Bag Air Jack for Fast Lifting Cars and SUVs - 3 Ton/6600 lbs, 40CM Handle

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Introducing our top-quality and durable 3.0 ton car jack - the perfect tool that embodies strength, reliability and ease of use. It is designed to handle all manner of lifting operations effortlessly, all while ensuring the safety of your car.

Our car jack is professionally manufactured using high-quality materials and a precision process, ensuring that every part is of the highest quality standard. This makes it more durable and reliable, making it ideal for long-term use. With this tool, you can trust that your car remains well protected during the lifting process.

Our car jack is easy to install and remove, thanks to the adjustable design that makes it convenient to use. This means that you do not need to worry about the hassle of a complicated installation process. With its lifting time of only 5 seconds, you can easily lift your car in no time, enabling you to perform maintenance and repair tasks with ease.

Boasting a lifting capacity of 3.0 tons (6600 lbs), our car jack is strong enough to lift even the heaviest of vehicles, without sacrificing safety and durability. This makes it the perfect tool for all your vehicle lifting needs. It also has a minimum height of 150 mm (5.9 inches) and a maximum height of 400 mm (15.75 inches), making it versatile and ideal for use on different types of cars.

Our car jack is also designed to work in all weather conditions, with its broad working temperature range of -60℃~ 50℃, making it ideal for year-round use. Additionally, the red color stands out, ensuring that you can easily identify it from afar.

In conclusion, our 3.0 ton car jack guarantees the protection of your vehicle, making it the perfect tool for both professional mechanics and car enthusiasts. Its unbeatable quality and reliability, combined with its ease of use and versatile design, makes it the best option for all your vehicle lifting needs. Order your high-performance car jack today, and experience the convenience and reliability it offers.

  • Certification: CE
  • Item Type: Car Jacks
  • Capacity: 3.0 ton / 6600 lbs
  • Min. Height: 150 mm / 5.9 inches
  • Max. Height: 400 mm / 15.75 inches
  • Air Inlet: G1/4
  • Color: Red
  • Lifting Time: 5 Sec
  • Working Temp: -60℃~ 50℃
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