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Telescope Monocular, 40070, Star Watching, Outdoor Spotting, White

Telescope Monocular, 40070, Star Watching, Outdoor Spotting, White

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Explore the wonders of the night sky with our Stargazing Astronomical Telescope 40070 Monocular Binoculars. Crafted from a blend of durable aluminum alloy and lightweight plastic, this telescope is your gateway to the cosmos. It's designed for both amateur and professional astronomers, providing exceptional clarity and ease of use.

Equipped with pre-installed aluminum compact photography tripod, stability is guaranteed, and the foldable design ensures hassle-free setup wherever your stargazing adventures take you. No tools are required for assembly, making it accessible for beginners.

The telescope features all-coated glass optical elements, producing crisp and vivid images of celestial objects. Packaged in a customized box, it's portable and convenient for travel and storage. With the option to match it with an SLR camera (adapter required, sold separately), you can capture stunning astronomical photographs.

This telescope isn't just a tool; it's also a fantastic gift for friends and curious children, fostering a love for astronomy and the universe. However, please remember the important safety note: never observe the sun directly through the telescope to protect your eyes from harm.


  • Material: Aluminum alloy and plastic
  • Tripod: Pre-installed aluminum compact photography tripod (foldable)
  • Optical Elements: All coated glass for clear and sharp images
  • Compatibility: Can be paired with SLR
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