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Singing Bowl, 8cm, Metal, Copper

Singing Bowl, 8cm, Metal, Copper

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The 8cm Singing Bowl, meticulously crafted from copper, is a remarkable embodiment of both art and sound. This traditional musical instrument carries with it a profound history, serving as a conduit to inner peace and spiritual awakening. Its compact size, measuring just 8cm in diameter, makes it a versatile companion for your meditation or relaxation practices, effortlessly fitting into the palm of your hand.

What sets this singing bowl apart is its material - pure copper. When gently struck or rubbed along its rim with a wooden mallet, it emanates a resonant and enchanting melody, filling the air with tranquility. Copper singing bowls, cherished for their superior tonal quality and longevity, have been used for centuries to enhance mindfulness and promote serenity. Beyond its musical allure, this singing bowl also carries a decorative charm. It can grace your meditation space with its elegant presence, serving as a visual reminder of the profound connection between art, spirituality, and sound. Whether used in meditation, sound therapy, or as a decorative piece, the 8cm Copper Singing Bowl resonates with the essence of tranquility and cultural richness.


  • Size: 8cm (diameter)
  • Material: Copper
  • Sound: Produces a warm and resonant tone
  • Usage: Ideal for meditation, relaxation, sound therapy, and spiritual practices
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