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Security Camera System, Techage, 8CH, 2 Bullet Camera, 5MP, HD, Two Way Audio, Grey

Security Camera System, Techage, 8CH, 2 Bullet Camera, 5MP, HD, Two Way Audio, Grey

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The Techage 8CH Security Camera System offers advanced surveillance capabilities for both home and business environments. With an 8-channel DVR and 2 high-definition bullet cameras, this system provides comprehensive coverage, clear visuals, and the added feature of two-way audio communication. The sleek grey design ensures that these cameras blend seamlessly into various settings while delivering reliable security.

Stay ahead of the game with our newest AI cameras that support face detection. This advanced feature allows for a more accurate analysis of potential threats and ensures that any individual entering your premises will not go unnoticed. Our system also offers three night mode settings: day vision, night vision, and full-color night vision.


  • Channel: 8-channel DVR system for connecting multiple cameras
  • Camera Type: 2 Bullet Cameras with sturdy and weather-resistant build
  • Camera Resolution: 5MP (Megapixels) for high-definition and detailed video footage
  • Video Quality: HD video recording for clear and sharp visuals
  • Two-Way Audio: Allows two-way communication through the cameras, facilitating real-time conversations between users and people near the cameras
  • Color: Grey, designed to be unobtrusive and suitable for various environments
  • Night Vision: Equipped with infrared LEDs for night vision capability, ensuring surveillance even in low-light conditions
  • Weather Resistance: Built to withstand outdoor conditions, providing reliable surveillance in various weather conditions
  • Remote Access: Supports remote viewing through a mobile app or web browser, enabling users to monitor their property from anywhere
  • Motion Detection: Offers motion detection functionality, sending alerts and notifications when motion is detected in the camera's field of view
  • Storage: Allows for local recording and storage via a hard drive (specific storage capacity not mentioned)
  • Installation: Designed for easy setup and installation, with mounting brackets and necessary accessories included
  • Compatibility: Compatible with smartphones, tablets, and PCs for remote monitoring
  • App Support: Supports dedicated mobile apps for convenient access and control
  • Customization: Offers adjustable settings for video quality, motion detection sensitivity, and more
  • Security: Provides password protection and secure encryption for data privacy

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