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Rotary Laser Level, 1GY150006, 635nm Wavelength, 500m Range, Yellow

Rotary Laser Level, 1GY150006, 635nm Wavelength, 500m Range, Yellow

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The provided details describe a rotary laser level device, which is a crucial tool in the fields of construction, surveying, and various other applications where precise leveling and alignment are essential. This particular model is equipped with specifications that make it suitable for a range of tasks.

Firstly, the plug type mentioned as EU suggests that it is designed for use with European electrical outlets. The laser's wavelength is listed as 500m, which seems unusually high and may need clarification, as laser wavelengths are usually measured in nanometers (nm).

The precision of the laser, indicated as ±1mm/1.5m, signifies its high level of accuracy when projecting laser lines. This precision is crucial for ensuring that structures and projects are built level and true, which is vital in construction and surveying tasks.

The device's size, measuring 161x161x184mm, provides an idea of its compact and portable design, making it easy to transport to various job sites. The "2 lines" measurement model indicates that the rotary laser can project two laser lines simultaneously, typically at right angles to each other. This feature is incredibly useful for tasks such as establishing reference points, setting up perpendicular lines, or checking the levelness of surfaces.

  • Plug Type: EU
  • Is Smart Device: no
  • Wavelength: 500m
  • Precision: Down point diode: +-1mm/1.5m
  • Size: 161x161x184mm
  • Model Number: 1GY150006
  • Measurement Model: 2 lines
  • Type: Rotary Lasers
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