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Microscope, Efix, 38MP, HDMI, USB, No LCD Screen, HD Stand Workbench, White

Microscope, Efix, 38MP, HDMI, USB, No LCD Screen, HD Stand Workbench, White

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The Efix Microscope with 38MP resolution, HDMI and USB outputs, HD Stand Workbench, and No LCD Screen is designed to provide high-quality imaging and versatility for various applications. This microscope offers advanced features, including multiple output options for viewing and capturing images, a sturdy HD stand workbench for stability, and a minimalist design in elegant white.

With a multitude of versatile applications, this HDMI Digital Microscope opens up a world of possibilities. Perfect for educational purposes, industrial inspections, or even at-home hobby projects, the magnification ratio of 500X and under guarantees exceptional clarity and precision. Whether you're exploring the intricate details of nature or analyzing the smallest parts of a complex machinery, this microscope is your reliable partner in every endeavor.


  • Microscope Type: Digital Microscope
  • Resolution: 38MP
  • Output Options: HDMI, USB
  • LCD Screen: No
  • Stand: HD Stand Workbench
  • Color: White
  • Lighting Modes: Adjustable
  • Applications: Scientific research, education, industrial inspections, and more
  • Image Capture: Supported
  • Focus: Adjustable
  • Compatibility: Compatible with various imaging software and devices
  • Controls: User-friendly controls and interface
  • Build: Durable construction
  • Design: Compact and ergonomic
  • Usage: Suitable for professionals, researchers, educators, and enthusiasts

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