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Glass Cutter Machine, Stainless Iron, 6mm, Black

Glass Cutter Machine, Stainless Iron, 6mm, Black

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Elevate your glassworking skills with the Glass Cutter Machine in elegant black. This precision tool is designed to simplify and perfect the art of cutting glass, catering to the needs of both professionals and hobbyists. Crafted from robust stainless iron, this machine guarantees durability and unwavering performance, ensuring that your glass-cutting endeavors are efficient and precise.

With the capability to cut glass up to 6mm in thickness, this machine is versatile and adaptable, making it an invaluable addition to any workspace. Whether you're crafting custom glass pieces or undertaking renovation projects, the Glass Cutter Machine in its stylish black finish offers not just reliability but also a touch of sophistication to your glassworking endeavors. Elevate your craftsmanship, unleash your creativity, and achieve flawless glass cuts with ease using this dependable and elegant tool.


  • Material: Stainless Iron
  • Maximum Glass Cutting Thickness: Up to 6mm
  • Color: Black
  • Usage: Designed for cutting glass with precision and ease
  • Dimensions: 20x8x6cm
  • Weight: 520g
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