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Chainsaw, Drillpro, 8 Inch, 4000W Electric, Rechargeable, Blue

Chainsaw, Drillpro, 8 Inch, 4000W Electric, Rechargeable, Blue

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The "Drillpro 8 Inch Electric Chainsaw" is a powerful and convenient tool designed for efficient cutting and trimming tasks. With its impressive 4000W electric motor and rechargeable capabilities, this chainsaw offers reliable performance for various cutting applications. Presented in a striking blue color, it combines power and convenience to tackle a range of cutting projects with ease.


  • Brand: Drillpro
  • Model: 8 Inch Electric Chainsaw
  • Color: Blue
  • Power Output: Equipped with a robust 4000W electric motor for high cutting performance
  • Bar Length: Features an 8-inch bar for versatile cutting applications
  • Rechargeable: Designed to be rechargeable, allowing for cordless operation and flexibility
  • Application: Ideal for cutting and trimming tasks such as pruning, firewood preparation, and small-scale projects
  • Ease of Use: Electric design eliminates the need for manual fuel mixing or pull-starting, simplifying operation
  • Safety Features: Incorporates safety mechanisms for user protection during operation
  • Durability: Built to withstand demanding cutting tasks and provide lasting performance

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