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Electric Chainsaw, Gisam, 20cm, 18V, 3000W, One Battery, 2 Chains, Blue

Electric Chainsaw, Gisam, 20cm, 18V, 3000W, One Battery, 2 Chains, Blue

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Discover the Gisam 18V Electric Chainsaw, a dynamic tool that effortlessly combines power and versatility to revolutionize your cutting tasks. Dressed in a striking blue hue, this chainsaw seamlessly blends functionality with style. The 20cm cutting bar strikes a perfect equilibrium between maneuverability and performance, rendering it ideal for a diverse range of applications, from pruning to firewood cutting. Propelled by an 18V battery generating an impressive 3000W of power, this chainsaw ensures consistent, high-level performance. Equipped with one rechargeable battery and complemented by an additional battery slot, the chainsaw's operational time is extended, minimizing interruptions during extensive tasks. Boasting two chains in the package, you're equipped for prolonged usage and prepared for demanding cutting scenarios. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a homeowner seeking efficiency, the Gisam Electric Chainsaw stands as your trusted companion for precision and power.


  • Brand: Gisam
  • Model: Electric Chainsaw, 18V
  • Color: Blue
  • Cutting Bar Length: 20cm
  • Power Output: 3000W
  • Power Source: 18V rechargeable battery (1 battery included)
  • Additional Battery Slot: Yes, for extended operation
  • Battery Capacity: Up to 45 minutes (approximate)
  • Chain Speed: Adjustable, up to 15 meters per second
  • Chains Included: 2 chains for prolonged use
  • Chain Tensioning: Tool-free adjustment system
  • Additional Features: Automatic oiling system, ergonomic handle, safety chain brake
  • Suitable For: Pruning, limbing, and medium cutting tasks
  • Weight: 4.2 kg (including battery)

Experience a new dimension of precision and potency with the Gisam 18V Electric Chainsaw. This exceptional tool blends top-notch specifications with user-friendly features, making it a crucial asset for an array of cutting projects.

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